Ayesha Price

team 12

Ayesha Price is a Director at Toft Group, based in San Francisco. She joined Toft Group in 2013 bringing a strong Life Sciences background. Ayesha has conducted research within industry as well academia which adds to her breadth of experience in dealing with varying customer needs. At PPD Target Discovery, she was part of the Molecular Biology Group, where she created cDNA libraries for potential drug target validation studies, vector systems for genetic screens, gene expression profiling, and RNA expression profile analysis on patient samples. Ayesha was also a member of the Virus Core within the Stanford Institute for Neuro-Innovations and Translational Neurosciences at the Stanford University School of Medicine, focused on producing tools to study the effects of specific genes of interest for diseases such as autism and Alzheimer’s disease.

Ayesha has an entrepreneurial spirit and, prior to joining Toft Group, operated her own business, further strengthening her customer service mentality as well as the needs of small and growing organizations. In joining Sanford Rose – Toft Group, she has truly capitalized on her technical background in Life Sciences, detail orientation, and passion for client service.


Ayesha holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology and a Master’s of Science degree in Cell and Molecular Biology, with an emphasis in Immunology from the California State University, East Bay.