Mark Soufleris

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Mark Soufleris is Toft Group’s Senior Vice President, specializing in the Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical industries. Mark has spent nearly 30 years as a pharmaceutical industry veteran who dedicated his career exclusively to helping companies successfully commercialize life-saving products that addressed significant patient healthcare needs. Mark got his start in Executive Search when he joined Sanford Rose Associates® in 2006 and lead the company’s Ft. Lauderdale practice. In 2009, Mark was elected President of the Sanford Rose Associates® Owners Association Board of Trustees and served on the Board through 2012. Mark joined the Toft Group in 2012 and as a senior partner, Mark has consistently placed executives from Director through C-level in key roles within the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical device sectors of rapidly growing companies for the past six years.

Prior to joining Sanford Rose Associates®, Mark worked in commercial leadership roles for industry leaders like Bristol-Myers and served as a Vice President for Wyeth, Novo Nordisk and Nabi Biopharmaceuticals. Mark directed early stage product and commercial assessments, prelaunch planning and development market research efforts, launch plan execution activities and post-launch evaluations. He has commercialized both large and small molecule products used to treat infectious diseases and hematology/oncology disorders of the immune system. He has also brought products to market used in transplantation; cardiovascular; CNS (pain management and sedatives/hypnotics); and critical care arenas; as well as products used to treat diabetes and nephrology related disorders. Mark’s thirty years of industry experience, coupled with his executive search practice are the reasons he is selected by our clients to lead their most challenging search assignments.



Mark Soufleris secured his Master’s in Public Administration degree from Syracuse University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Zoology from the University of Vermont.