Our Process

Step 1
Research & Profiling

We begin our confidential executive search process by conducting thorough research of the market. We discuss our client’s needs, determine the ideal candidate profile, and assess key benefits of the position that will attract the right candidates.

Step 2
Candidate Sourcing

As an affiliate of the International Executive Search Foundation, we access over 130 offices worldwide for local, national and international searches. We leverage our exclusive database with over 250,000 Life Sciences & Healthcare executives, with whom we have maintained relationships for many years, to find the most qualified pool of candidates.

Step 3
Candidate Evaluation

Once we have identified potential candidates, we perform a thorough, multi-dimensional vetting process that evaluates technical and corporate culture fit as well as career track record.

Step 4
Candidate Selection

We communicate every step of the executive search process by providing weekly reports and detailed insight as the search progresses. Clients meet with candidates and upon selection, we perform the final hiring verification steps and prepare an agreed upon hiring package.

Step 5
Transition Planning

An effective transition and onboarding plan is crucial to accelerating success within the first 100 days. We work with a network of industry leaders to implement an exclusive, personalized transition plan to all of our placed candidates to ensure they can make an immediate impact.

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