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Any leadership role, regardless of a company's stage or size, requires an entrepreneurial mindset. And if you were to ask candidates for leadership positions if they consider themselves to have an entrepreneurial approach, most would respond with a confident "yes."

However, often times, people tend to characterize themselves idealistically - where they see themselves as having certain leadership qualities, such as an entrepreneurial spirit, because they want to or feel the need to have those traits to be successful. As such, it's important to assess an authentic entrepreneurial mindset at the evaluation process.

Our recommended article Identifying an Authentic Entrepreneurial Spirit discusses 4 characteristics that define a true entrepreneurial leader. The article also includes some of the critical questions we ask leadership candidates as part of a thorough, multi-dimensional vetting process that evaluates technical and corporate culture fit, as well as career track record. Our feature article 7 Principles for Cultivating Ownership follows up with how to continually uphold accountability and responsibility within your organization as a key to success.

Not every player needs to have an entrepreneurial spirit - but it's important to identify the leaders who have a strong sense of ownership. For expertise on finding the right executive, contact the Toft Group. 


Robin Toft
President & CEO, Toft Group

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