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Disruptive trends in Healthcare point to the ever-increasing, global demand for care that provides better value, greater access and improved outcomes.

Aging populations, the increase of chronic disease worldwide, and the growing consumer interest in being empowered to control our own health, are just a few examples that are requiring new approaches to treating patients. Yet, these disruptive trends are met with the challenge of finding talented executives who can quickly and effectively bring innovation to market. 

Toft Group Executive Search recognizes that some of our biggest challenges are also our best solutions. When global demand requires global thinking, we leverage our direct partnership with IESF, one of the largest retained executive search networks in the world, to access the world's best talent. When we need to fill highly-technical positions quickly, we employ specialized executive search consultants who have the in-depth knowledge and industry background to find the right candidate.

It's the reason 92% of our placed candidates remain with their company for at least 2 years, and 84% of clients around the world use Toft Group for multiple searches. So when you're ready for your next candidate, no matter where they are or how challenging the search, we're ready to help.




Robin Toft

President & CEO, Toft Group Executive Search

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