Making Connections | Robin Toft Joins Go Red for Women Executive Leadership Team

Do you ever think about the power of connecting?

Toft Group recently hosted our VIP Appreciation event in San Diego, where some of the best and brightest in the industry gathered together. We also sponsored the Clearity Foundation's 5th Annual Someone Lived Celebration. Reflecting on these events, and what we do every day, it's incredible to witness the power of connecting. Certainly, we are all connected in different ways, and with email and social media, some may argue we may be over-connected. But when you watch a group of people in a room who have devoted much of their lives to advancing science, and who share an innate passion to cure diseases and improve the quality of life, there is a truly powerful connection. 

Suddenly, the impossible becomes possible. The world as we know it, now and in the future, can be drastically changed. Problems can be solved and challenges can be overcome. Toft Group works every single day to develop the type of connections that build relationships, grow companies, and continually move the mark on innovation. It's the very core of our business. Because we believe when the right people get together, great things happen. Connect with us to learn more.

Toft Group News: Robin Toft Joins the Go Red for Women Executive Leadership Team

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