The Personalized Medicine Insider - May/June 2015

The #1 Reason Employees Quit and What You Can Do to Keep Good People

What is the main reason employees quit? Is it for a better opportunity elsewhere? A career change? As it turns out, a recent Gallup survey of over 1 million employees reported the #1 reason employees quit is a disconnect or poor relationship with their boss or immediate supervisor.

As a boss or manager, this can be tough to process; it can mean that there is a huge pressure and responsibility to retain good employees.

But what are the qualities or characteristics that make people gravitate to certain managers or leaders, and how do you maintain a strong connection? Certainly, leaders who possess intellect, conation, empathy, and humility attract employees. But one of the strongest laws is that of mutual accountability, because accountability is the foundation of trust.

In this issue of the Personalized Medicine Insider, we provide insight on how to build trust through mutual accountability with our feature article Establishing Mutual Commitments.

Our Recommended Reading How to Create a Female-Friendly Workplace then takes an in-depth look at the biases that can develop specifically towards women, and the simple steps you can take to better support women in the workplace.

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Robin Toft

President & CEO, Toft Group

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