Attracting Millennial Talent - Toft Group Leads the Way

Our last issue of the Personalized Medicine Insider included a recap of author Dan Negroni's presentation on Bridging the Gap between Millennials & their Managers. We were so amazed by the amount of interest and feedback we received, we decided to continue the conversation with our feature article Millennials in Life Sciences: How to Get Past the Misconceptions & Attract Younger Talent.

This article addresses specific areas where false assumptions about Millennials could result in missed opportunities, particularly in the interviewing process. It also reveals key ways to ensure Millennials stay motivated and thus, enthusiastic about Life Science companies for the long haul.

As we continually advance healthcare technology, we must embrace, empower and educate younger talent to fundamentally change the future of medicine. It all starts with building relationships, and Toft Group's network can help. Contact us to learn more. 


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