The Precision Medicine Initiative - Toft Group

I hope your year is off to a productive start. Our February, 2015 issue of Personalized Medicine Insider comes in the wake of exciting news in the field of Personalized Medicine!

President Obama has announced a $215 million precision medicine initiative - a plan that will provide new funding to "accelerate biomedical discoveries in the hopes of yielding more personalized medical treatments for patients in the US."

This news marks an incredible milestone in the Life Sciences industry, and serves as a testament to the rapid acceleration of major advances in innovation. The road to this point has certainly not been easy given the constant challenges, but it has taken dedicated individuals and exceptional leadership within the Life Sciences industry to revolutionize the idea of "care" as we know it.

The Toft Group is proud to have worked alongside our clients to strategically build the right leadership teams that have transformed the once "novel idea" of personalizing treatment, into a reality for a new standard of care. In light of this new initiative, we are excited for what the future holds, and ready to help you take the field of individualized patient care through Personalized Medicine even further.

Sincerely, President & CEO, Toft Group

Robin Toft

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