Toft Group Insights on Recruiting Women into Executive Roles

"What makes an effective leader?" is now a two-part question. The term "leader" has classic traits: experienced, result-oriented, and ability to execute just to name a few.

But the definition of an "effective" leader is not the same as it was even five years ago. Being "effective" now involves a complex set of traits that aren't just about the bottom line.

In a recent article "What makes a Good CEO?" by Hunt Scanlon, I talk about the qualities we are most often asked to seek: a combination of strategic thinking, passion and vision for the company's mission, and a track record of inspirational leadership through challenging times. I also ask the Toft Group team of experienced Executive Search Consultants for their insights specifically placing women in executive leadership roles in our Feature Article.

It is the qualities that are not on necessarily on a resume that are becoming increasingly important to being an effective leader. Toft Group' remains committed to identifying and placing dynamic leaders to truly change the future of medicine. Contact us to start your next search.




Robin Toft

President & Chief Engagement Officer, Toft Group Executive Search

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