5 Ways Your Company Can Compete in a Candidate-Driven Market

It is hard to think it has almost been about a decade since the Great Recession, where roughly nine million jobs were lost and the unemployment rate hovered around 10%.

Have we fully recovered? According to the latest data, it certainly seems like it.

The monthly unemployment rate has been steadily decreasing, and just this month, hit the lowest it’s been in 16 years.

The comeback is great news for both employers and employees, but having the pendulum swing the other direction means a new set of challenges for employers. Job applicants now have more opportunities at their fingertips, creating a candidate-driven market where even employed professionals are continually keeping an eye out for better opportunities. The challenge to fill positions is even greater for the Life Sciences industry, which already faces a shortage of highly-skilled and experienced executives.

With candidates in the driver’s seat, how can companies stand out as attractive places to work? Our feature article It’s a Candidate’s Market: The 5 Ways to Keep your Company Competitive reveals the various factors contributing to the current job market, and how you as an employer can stay ahead of the game.

For over 10 years, Toft Group executive search consultants have remained a trusted partner in providing clients with exceptional candidates, despite an ever-changing talent landscape. If you’re ready to start your next search, we’re here to help.


Robin Toft

President & Chief Engagement Officer, Toft Group Executive Search

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