Dorrie Chung

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Dorrie Chung is chief operating officer and chief financial officer for Toft Group. Dorrie leads Toft Group’s process improvement efforts and is responsible for finance and accounting, corporate reporting and operations, human resources and information technology support.

Dorrie is passionate about performance on all levels, and is always working to ensure Toft Group exceeds client expectations. She continually monitors the firm’s key performance indicators, milestones, policies and operating procedures to ensure we provide the highest level of service possible.

Prior to joining Toft Group, Dorrie, a “Big 4” certified public accountant, played a key role in developing and managing financial and operational processes for many companies. Her services were instrumental in two acquisitions, resulting in a significant return on investment to company investors.

Dorrie Chung holds a Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) degree from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She obtained her CPA certification while working for PricewaterhouseCoopers in California.