Julie Visser

Vice President, Executive Search & Coaching

Julie is the Vice President, Executive Search & Coaching for Toft Group, and leads executive search for CEO, Executive, and Board of Director level positions for customers working within the Life Science and Healthcare High Tech industry.  Julie has a passion for coaching and recruiting women into top roles and providing companies with a diverse slate of exceptional talent.

Julie is also the founder and president of JA Talent Partners, a company providing career coaching for women re-entering the workplace. Julie personally re-entered the job market after leaving the workforce and understands the challenges transitioning back into the job market.  Her focus on building confidence is vital and will be accomplished through effective training in job search strategy and preparation.

In 2019, Julie authored two workbooks, The Reviving Careers Workbook and The Launching Careers Workbook, which are step-by-step guides to re-entering and initially entering the workforce.  She has developed a coaching program to ensure that those seeking advancement in their careers have a well-planned career search strategy plan and can navigate today’s job market successfully. Julie is proud of the countless job opportunities that have resulted from her career coaching and global executive placement efforts.

Julie previously enjoyed a 20-year professional career, leading and partnering with US companies’ internal, worldwide human resources efforts, including Life Technologies, Thermo Fisher and most recently as the Head of Global Talent Acquisitions for NuVasive. Julie’s expertise in strategically developing efficient, streamlined practices to deliver exceptional talent with a focus on diversity has resulted in organizational growth, while ensuring shareholder value.

Julie holds a BA in Marketing from the University of Arizona and is an AIRS certified Human Resource and Talent Acquisition Professional.