Lynnette Dillen

Chief Financial Officer

Lynnette Dillen is a seasoned financial executive with more than 20 years of experience encompassing life sciences, technology and retail. As a Chief Financial Officer she has been responsible for accounting, corporate finance, treasury, purchasing, information technology, human resources and risk management for both public and private companies.

Lynnette has been successful in raising and restructuring capital for both public and private companies resulting in significant valuation increases. She has held key financial positions for both large public corporations including Blockbuster and Chart House Enterprises as well as medium to smaller venture capital or investment-backed companies, such as Wireless Knowledge, Inc. (a QUALCOMM and Microsoft joint venture), and Catalina Restaurant Group, Inc.

Lynnette holds a BBA in Accounting from Baylor University and is a CPA licensed in the state of California. She also serves a board member and treasurer for The Clearity Foundation and is a board member for Day for Change, San Diego.