Executive search firm Toft Group has placed Mark Lee, PhD, as Global Head of Program Management for HealthTell, Inc. in San Ramon, CA.

Toft Group Executive Search has placed Mark Lee, PhD, MS as Global Head of Program Management for HealthTell, Inc. in San Ramon, California. Dr. Lee was formerly Chief Technology Officer for the Health Solutions group at Flex Ltd. Prior to joining Flex, he was the Global Head of R&D for Johnson & Johnson where he led research and development activities across the pharmaceutical, medical device and consumer health segments of the company. Dr. Lee also served as technical lead for Abbott’s M&A team in J&J’s acquisition of Abbott Vision. As the Executive Director, R&D Engineering at Amgen, Dr. Lee drove innovative R&D processes. Earlier in his industry career, Dr. Lee also held leadership roles in R&D with Fortune 100 medical device companies, including Baxter and GE Medical. He is owner of over 15 US patents.

Dr. Lee holds a PhD in Engineering Science from the University of Western Ontario, Canada, and a MSc in Biomedical/Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto, Canada.

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About HealthTell, Inc.
HealthTell, Inc., headquartered in San Ramon, CA, is pioneering the field of immunomics. The company is developing next generation immune profiling assays that broadly characterize the immune system, serving as a platform technology for the biopharmaceutical, search and clinical communities. The technology uses a proprietary immune profiling technology to analyze the immune system’s response against disease – with unprecedented depth and specificity. With applications in drug target discovery, monoclonal antibody characterization, and disease monitoring and therapeutic response, HealthTell will shed new light on important diseases such as autoimmune, cancer, CNS, and infectious disease. HealthTell operates a state-of-the-art high throughput centralized laboratory in San Ramon, CA that supports clients in biopharmaceuticals and research collaborators.